Volume 8, Issue 2

Spring 2006



The Age of Innocence: The First 25 Years of The National Collegiate Athletic Association, 1906 to 1931 W. Burlette Carter
Video Game Music: Where it Came From, How it is Being Used Today, and Where it is Heading Tomorrow Michael Cerrati
D.I.Y. After Dastar: Protecting Creators of Moral Rights Through Creative Lawyering, Individual Contracts and Collectively Bargained Agreements Rick Mortensen
Distinctly Delineated Fictional Characters That Constitute The Story Being Told: Who Are They And Do They Deserve Independent Copyright Protection? Jasmina Zecevic


Is the ADA Short-Sighted? An Analysis of Sightline Regulations in Movie Theaters Michael D. Driver
Honor Among Thieves: Copyright Infringement in Internet Fandom Christina Z. Ranon
Is the Suite Life Truly Sweet? The Property Rights Luxury Box Owners Actually Acquire Amanda Schlager
State Regulation of Unsolicited Bulk Commercial E-mail and the Dormant Commerce Clause Jeffrey D. Zentner