Volume 8, Issue 3

Fall 2006



Celebrities in the Courtroom: Legal Responses, Psychological Theory and Empirical Research Jared Chamberlain, Monica K. Miller, and Alayna Jehle
SPAM vs. Ms. Piggy: An Entertainment Law Cautionary Tale Candi Henry


Towards the Digital Music Distribution Age: Business Model Adjustments and Legislative Proposals to Improve Legal Downloading Services and Counter Piracy Carlos Ruiz de la Torre
Don’t Shoot the Speaker: Why Forfeiture Liability for Indecency Violations over Broadcast Media Cannot be Expanded to Cover the Speaker Kevin Bennardo
The Dissonant Tune of International Harmonization and the Domestic Duration of Phonorecord Protection Caz McChrystal
The Mouse That Roared: Addressing the Post-modern Quandary of Mash-ups through Traditional Fair Use Analysis Aaron Power
Scuffling for a Slice of the Ringtone Pie: Evaluating Legal and Business Approaches to Copyright Clearance Issues Carmen Kate Yuen
Not All Copyright Infringers Are Created Equal: Why Federal Income Tax is a Proper Deductible Expense for Non-Willful Copyright Infringers Christine Ballard
Bloggers as Reporters: An Effect-Based Approach to First Amendment Protections in a New Age of Information Dissemination Stephanie J. Frazee
Revenue Sharing and the Salary Cap in the NFL: Perfecting the Balance Between NFL Socialism and Unrestrained Free-Trade Clay Moorhead
Frozen in Time? New Technologies, Fixation, and the Derivative Work Right Patrick W. Ogilvy