Volume 9, Issue 1

Fall 2006



The Privacy Gambit: Toward a Game Theoretic Approach to International Data Protection Horace E. Anderson, Jr.
New Perspectives on Public Goods Production: Policy Implications of Open Source Software Jyh-An Lee
Equal Protection in the World of Art and Obscenity: The Art Photographer’s Latent Struggle with Obscenity Standards in Contemporary America Elaine Wang


The “Public Use” of Private Sports Stadiums: Kelo Hits a Homerun for Private Developers Cristin F. Hartzog
Creative Industries in Developing Countries and Intellectual Property Protection Lauren Loew
Warring Ideologies for Regulating Military Blogs: A Cyberlaw Approach for Balancing Free Speech and Security in Cyberspace Julia E. Mitchell
A Winner is Who? Fair Use and the Online Distribution of Magna and Video Game Fan Translations Jamie E. Muscar