Volume 9, Issue 2

Winter 2006



Porn in Their Words: Female Leaders in the Adult Entertainment Industry Address Free Speech, Censorship, Feminism, Culture and the Mainstreaming of Adult Content Clay Calvert and Robert D. Richards
Conducting the Constitution: Justice Scalia, Textualism, and the Eroica Symphony Ian Gallacher
A Study of Juror Expectations and Demands Concerning Scientific Evidence: Does the “CSI Effect” Exist? Hon. Donald E. Shelton, Young S. Kim, and Gregg Barak


Rider Beware: Relying on the Courts and a Nationalized Rating System to Address the Duty of Care Owed to Amusement Park Attraction Guests Tobias Butler
Cracks in the Great Wall: Why China’s Copyright Law Has Failed to Prevent Piracy of American Movies Within its Borders Jordana Cornish
A Need for Heightened Scrutiny: Aligning the NCAA Transfer Rule with its Rationales Jonathan Jenkins
Did You Want Fries With That? The Unanswered Question of Federal Product Placement Regulation Raghu Seshadri