Volume 9, Issue 3

Spring 2007



Dealing with Casual Piracy: Limiting Distribution of Copyrighted Content with Digital Rights Management Bimal Jaysen Rajkomar
Defending Artistry by Deleting “Dead Capital:” Sony, Grokster, and the Supreme Court’s Lost Opportunity to Eradicate the “Substantial Non-Infringing Use” Doctrine Joshua E. Carpenter
International Distributions: Divergence of Co-Ownership Laws Goldie Gabriel
A Bright Line at Any Cost: The Sixth Circuit Unjustifiably Weakens the Protection for Musical Composition Copyrights in Bridgeport Music v. Dimension Films Michael Jude Galvin
Atlantic Recording Corporation v. XM Satellite Radio: A Brief Analysis of the Case and its Implications for U.S. Copyright Law Lyle Preslar
Truth, Accuracy and Neutral Reportage: Beheading the Media Jabberwock’s Attempts to Circumvent New York Times v. Sullivan David A. Elder


A Reason for Musicians to Fret: Copyright Infringement in Online Guitar Tablature Laura E. Gary
Changing Seasons, Changing Times: The Validity of Nontraditional Sports Seasons Under Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause Jane Hefferan
Cyber-Libeling the Glitterati: Protecting the First Amendment for Internet Speech Abbey L. Mansfield
A Common Tool for Individual Solutions: Why Countries Should Establish an International Organization to Regulate Internet Content Paul Przybylski