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As I consider investing in the stock market for the first time, I have been interested in high frequency trading (HFT). In the April 2015 edition of Vanity Fair, Michael Lewis, author of Flash Boys, published an article reflecting on his book, “a year after it shook Wall Street to it’s core.” For many, [...]

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Big Data Arms Race

By Richard Saunders On March 30, 2015 · Leave a Comment

Data privacy is currently a hot topic in the legal community. What few seem to be talking about, however, is the effect that the rapid consolidation among large companies in the big data industry has on consumer privacy. A coalition of four privacy advocates—the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), U.S. PIRG, Consumer Watchdog, and Public [...]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

By Edmund Semmes On March 30, 2015 · Leave a Comment


A court rejects a Massachusetts attorney’s attempt to hold Ripoff Report liable for a review after the plaintiff received a default judgment against the third party user who posted the review which rewarded the plaintiff copyright assignment to the post. The plaintiff used this reward to pursue a copyright infringement action [...]

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When Convenience Isn’t Worth It

By Zachary Altman On March 27, 2015 · 2 Comments

Technological innovation over the last decade can be summed up in one word: convenience. In a world where over half of American adults own smartphones it makes sense that companies have begun targeting these devices with their new innovations. Innovation, in today’s world, takes the form of solving problems by increasing efficiency through greater [...]

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The Wu-Tang Clan’s latest—and perhaps last—collective musical endeavor has been six years in the making, will be sold exclusively to one (very wealthy) buyer, and will only be released commercially after 88 years. Anyone reading this now will likely never see that day. Why such extremes? “Art is extreme,” group leader RZA says. “For [...]

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Last month, Harper Collins announced that they would publish Harper Lee’s novel, Go Set a Watchman. Lee’s debut novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, brought the noble local attorney Atticus Finch into the public imagination.

The coverage of Go Tell a Watchman has focused on Tonja Carter, Lee’s nonfictional attorney. Carter, a 2006 graduate [...]

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On February 15, 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a proposed rule to regulate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that seeks to bring the use of drones into the regulated environment of aviation. An aircraft qualifies as a UAS if it is less than 55 pounds, and travels less than 100 miles per [...]

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The heirs of Morton Stevens, the composer for the original Hawaii Five-0’s iconic, Emmy-winning theme song, are suing CBS for copyright infringement. The network used the song in a reboot of the series, which premiered in 2010 and continues to air today.

Stevens’ heirs allege that CBS wrongfully filed a renewal registration after the composer [...]

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