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The 2014-2015 JETLaw symposium, Beyond Regulation: The US Government as Funder, Creator, and User of Intellectual Property, examined the relationship between the US government and intellectual property. Panels looked at the US government as a funder, creator, and user of intellectual property, and included remarks from leading scholars on current trends as well as the future of government involvement with intellectual property. Video archives of the proceedings are available below.

Welcome and Keynote Address

  • Welcome and Thanks, Dean Kevin Stack, Vanderbilt Law School
  • Keynote, Robert Kasunic, United States Copyright Office, Library of Congress

Panel No. 1: US Government as Funder

Panel No. 2: US Government as Creator

Panel No. 3: US Government as User

  • Kevin Amer, United States Copyright Office
  • Alden Abbott, The Heritage Foundation
  • Professor Laura Gasaway, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill School of Law
  • Professor Julie Kimbrough, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill School of Law
  • Moderator: Professor Daniel J. Gervais, Vanderbilt Law School