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Today, firms develop machine learning algorithms in nearly every industry to control human decisions, creating a structural tension between commercial opacity and democratic transparency. In many forms of business applications, advanced algorithms are technically complicated and privately owned, hiding from legal regimes and preventing public scrutiny. However, they may demonstrate their erosion of democratic norms, […]

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For the past two decades, police departments around the country have used facial-recognition tools to aid them in solving crimes. These tools have traditionally limited law enforcement officers to searching only government-provided images. A small company called Clearview AI has recently released a new tool that provides users with public images collected from popular […]

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Putting the ‘AI’ in Legal Aid

On September 7, 2018 By

Despite America’s 1,335,963 active lawyers, the majority of moderate-income individuals and most individuals living in poverty do not receive legal representation. One source reports that nearly one million individuals seeking civil legal aid are turned away because of inadequate resources. In New York City, 99% of tenants are unrepresented in eviction proceedings.

For years […]

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