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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Sue-per-man!

On June 30, 2009 By

Jonathan Lee Riches, the world’s most litigious man is suing the Guiness Book of World Records for naming him as the most litigious person in history. Riches, aka Irving Picard, apparently takes offense at some of the names Guiness plans to call him, including “the litigator crusader,” “the […]

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Celebrities Bite the Hands that Feed Them

On July 31, 2008 By

Most people have to hire a private investigator if they want photo evidence of their spouse cheating.  Not so for Rosetta Millington.  Ms. Millington has been married to actor Balthazar Getty since May 2000.  The couple has four children, the youngest of whom is 9 months old.  Not only was Ms. Millington’s evidence of […]

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