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The atmosphere at the University of Missouri was undoubtedly tense last week in the midst of student-led protests regarding race relations on campus. While the student protesters made headlines, anonymous posters on the Yik Yak app sent additional shockwaves through the university by making threats regarding students’ safety on campus. The fallout was […]

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If you are visiting Brazil you might find yourself with one less app due to a recent court injunction. On Monday, August 18, 2014, Judge Paulo Cesar de Carvalho granted an injunction, which mandated that Secret-Speak Freely be removed from Apple’s App Store and Google Play along with the Microsoft equivalent, “Cryptic,” from […]

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Anonymous Yelp-ers Face a New Challenge

On January 20, 2014 By

Since Yelp launched in 2004, thousands of unhappy customers have aired their grievances there anonymously. However, Hadeed Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria, Virginia pushed back, bringing a defamation suit against several of its negative reviewers and claiming that their Yelp submissions were completely fabricated. The company is arguing the reviewers were not actual customers, and has […]

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Monday Morning JetLawg

On February 7, 2010 By

In the news . . .

Google and NSA team up to fight cyberattacks.

Scientists discover energy teleportation.

Seventh Circuit upholds prison ban on Dungeons & Dragons against First and Fourteenth Amendment challenge.

Australian copyright holders lose ability to compel ISP assistance. Meanwhile, new Aussie […]

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