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Be careful what you selfie. A controversial artist recently challenged the bounds of Instagram’s photo-sharing service. Richard Prnice, an “appropriation artist,” sparked controversy by showcasing other Instagrammers’ screenshots in an art exhibit.  The exhibit features replicas of unwitting Instagram users’ photos, unaltered save a single added comment tacked at the end of each one. […]

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The Wu-Tang Clan’s latest—and perhaps last—collective musical endeavor has been six years in the making, will be sold exclusively to one (very wealthy) buyer, and will only be released commercially after 88 years. Anyone reading this now will likely never see that day. Why such extremes? “Art is extreme,” group leader RZA says. “For […]

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Parking Next to Picasso

On March 5, 2015 By

Where would you find 271 previously unseen works by Pablo Picasso? In a garage, of course. Picasso’s former electrician, Pierre Le Guennec, and his wife, Danielle, are accused of handling over 271 stolen Picasso masterpieces. The works have been sitting in Le Guennec’s garage for over forty years. Le Guennec contends that Picasso’s […]

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JETLaw Keeps Climbing in W&L Journal Rankings

On February 20, 2014 By

JETLaw moves up 33 spots!


In the annual law journal rankings compiled by Washington & Lee University School of Law, JETLaw has risen another thirty-three spots — to No. 167, our highest rank ever!

We thank our exceptional authors for contributing high-quality scholarship and congratulate them for the warm […]

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Zimmerman on Art

On January 29, 2014 By

George Zimmerman has embarked on a new venture. Since being acquitted of second-degree murder in the much-publicized Trayvon Martin case last year, he has taken to painting.

His first painting, of a waving blue American flag with “God, One Nation, With Liberty And Justice For All” stamped across it, sold on eBay last month […]

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There was a lot going on this week, so the Monday Morning JETLawg has been broken down into topics. Monday is cybercrime and cybersecurity; Tuesday is copyright, intellectual property (IP) policy generally, government technology, and government IP; Wednesday is surveillance and censorship; Thursday is sports, entertainment, and the arts; and Friday is e-currency, e-discovery, […]

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Mural Support

On September 18, 2013 By

If I said I was going to visit the “Mural Capital of the World,” would you know where I was going? And if I then told you that this same city had banned the painting of outdoor murals for the last 11 years, would you think I intended the title sarcastically?

I don’t, but […]

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Kickstart My Art

On September 17, 2013 By

This summer, Martha Ingram saved Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center from a looming bankruptcy. Now, the symphony that calls the Schermerhorn home is seeking out a new patron to “be a part of the experience” of recording three works by composer Joan Tower. You are that patron. The Symphony is one of […]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On September 16, 2013 By

Was that bribery? There’s an app for that! Latham & Watkins releases an app detailing anti-corruption and bribery statutes across many countries. [H/T Law Technology News] False advertising claims (some of them, anyway) against Frito-Lay, based on an “All-Natural” label applied to GMO products, survive. [H/T @rtushnet] After […]

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