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In the aftermath of Super Bowl XLIX, fans, pundits, and social media commentators have been abuzz about the miraculous end zone interception that guaranteed the New England Patriots their fourth Lombardi trophy over defending champions, the Seattle Seahawks. While the game and the extraordinary interception will go down in gridiron history, it was the events […]

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College Football Players: Students or Employees?

On March 7, 2014 By

In the last few weeks, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been hearing testimony for a petition on whether Northwestern University football players should be able to form a union. The face behind the petition is Kain Coiter, a former […]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On February 3, 2014 By



Tech companies win the right to report government data requests (like national security letters) in greater detail. Rand Paul plans on taking his lawsuit against the NSA to the Supreme Court. [via The Hill] The NSA hires its first Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer. [via SANSSC Magazine]

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It’s Treeson! The Sad Story of Toomer’s Trees

On February 24, 2011 By

When I last wrote, the NCAA was investigating Auburn University’s star quarterback, Cam Newton, for allegedly violating NCAA policies. Since that time, the NCAA suspended Cam Newton in a largely symbolic gesture, reinstated him a day later, and Auburn went on to win the National Championship. As the old saying goes, all’s well that ends […]

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Cam Newton has been torching the SEC field so far this year, throwing for over 2,000 yards with twenty-one touchdowns, and rushing for another 1,300 yards and seventeen touchdowns. As the quarterback of the Auburn Tigers, Cam has led the team to an undefeated record, a birth in the SEC championship, […]

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Raise your hand if you don’t want to see at least some sort of playoff in college football. Those of you who are college and university presidents and/or Athletic Directors are excluded from voting due to your obvious financial self-interest. The fact is, most fans of major college football are in favor of at least […]

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The BCS and Antitrust Law

On January 11, 2009 By

The University of Utah’s football team finished a perfect season with its upset over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and some people believe the Utes should be considered the 2008 College Football National Champions. However, the University of Florida and the University of Oklahoma, each with one loss, ended up facing each other for the […]

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