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Big, Bad Commissioner Goodell

On September 8, 2015 By

Thursday morning, September 3rd. The news hit me like a strong shot. The arbitration award affirmed by Commissioner Goodell had been vacated that morning in a Federal District Court. And I (in one of my rare moments of brilliance) had drafted him in the 10th round the night before for almost nothing. Of course […]

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I Thought We Were Done Talking About the NFL Lockout…

On October 25, 2011 By

…and then the NFL has to go and suspend Cincinnati Bengals running-back Cedric Benson. Now, Benson is no saint (and for that matter he is not a member of the New Orleans Saints), having been arrested four times in the past 3 years-twice for boating under the influence and twice for assault-but, due […]

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