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But They Will Never Take. . .Our Internets!

On February 3, 2011 By Andrew Ralls

Amid growing protests of President Mubarak’s thirty-year autocratic rule, the Egyptian government has shut down the nation’s Internet and wireless networks, as well as stripped Al Jazeera of its broadcasting license and press cards. The President’s presumed goal is to abate protest organizations’ recruitment and assembly efforts via social websites and to limit [...]

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When Duty Calls, Employees Deserve Compensation

On January 19, 2011 By Andrew Farrell

In this age of ubiquitous communication, some people can’t seem to pry themselves away from a Blackberry keyboard, while others loath the dreadful pings and relentless LED notifications that invade their leisure time. Employees identifying with the latter group could find relief once state and federal courts begin to rule on a new class of [...]

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Is More Technology Always A Better Thing?

On September 10, 2010 By Yoshana Jones

Google recently launched its “Instant Search” – a technological program which allows Internet users to type only the first few letters of a word before Google suggests search results. For example, if one types the letters V-A-N into Google’s search engine, it would suggest results ranging any where from Vanderbilt to [...]

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When I was growing up, we got to play the Oregon Trail computer game at school on the giant, classroom computer for about fifteen minutes each week. Now, kids have access to the Internet twenty-four hours a day via personal computers and smart phones. In addition, they are capable of constant and instant communication through [...]

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On December 7, the world will come to the Scandinavian city of Copenhagen, Denmark to negotiate a global agreement on climate change. As the 15th Conference of the Parties approaches, the developing world continues to struggle to secure a “right to development.” But another “right” has garnered a lot of press in recent days in [...]

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