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On Sunday, the website Wikileaks published the first batch of more than 250,000 leaked U.S. embassy cables, confidential documents that chronicle sensitive State Department secrets. The federal government is, to say the least, not happy.

And that means the now-dubbed CableGate will join a long list of political scandals worthy of [...]

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After two moths of testimony and thirteen days of deliberation, the jury in the Anna Nicole Smith trial entered its verdict on Thursday, October 28th. The jury found Anna Nicole’s boyfriend/lawyer, Howard K. Stern, and her psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, guilty of conspiring to provide drugs using false names, but acquitted or hung on other [...]

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Travolta Testifies at Extortion Trial

On September 24, 2009 By Kat Kubis

John Travolta is the star witness at the extortion trial involving personal documents related to the emergency medical treatment of his son, Jett. Two people are accused of threatening the release of private information connected to Jett’s death unless paid $25 million. Travolta’s sixteen-year-old son suffered a massive seizure that ultimately proved fatal [...]

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Monday Morning JetLawg

On July 20, 2009 By JETLaw

In the news…

In the face of congressional scrutiny, Verizon scales back its exclusivity deals.

The Pirate Bay looks to go legit with royalty fees and a user-powered/subsidized business model.

A battle heats up between Microsoft and Google over web-based document apps. Will they be the tools [...]

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