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The atmosphere at the University of Missouri was undoubtedly tense last week in the midst of student-led protests regarding race relations on campus. While the student protesters made headlines, anonymous posters on the Yik Yak app sent additional shockwaves through the university by making threats regarding students’ safety on campus. The fallout was […]

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After the vast publicity surrounding the suicides of cyberbullying victims, such as Phoebe Prince and Tyler Clementi, legislators began focusing on solving this problem and deterring future occurrences of these devastating tragedies.  They believed the solution to be in the form of cyberbullying laws, which could make online statements subject to academic […]

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Monday Morning JetLawg

On March 21, 2010 By

In the news . . .

Conservative man’s tweets regarding Obama assassination would receive no First Amendment protection.

Sony signs $200 million deal with Michael Jackson’s estate for ten projects over seven years.

Rapper DMX violates probation and gets six-month jail term.

Legal and ethical controversy raised by Virginia […]

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Imagine the following scenario: A group of students harasses another student who is autistic. The group videotapes its bullying behavior of the student. Someone decides to upload the video to the Internet. After receiving complaints, the website hosting the video immediately removes it. Has a crime been committed?

While most may agree that the actions […]

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The rise of the Internet and other digital technologies has created new forums and methods by which individuals can be harassed and tormented. This type of bullying, dubbed “cyberbullying,” has been defined as using “Internet, cell phones, or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another […]

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Last Tuesday, the European Union signed a pact with seventeen social networking sites in Europe, including Facebook and MySpace. The goal of the pact was to curb the abuses of “cyberbullying” and to protect the privacy of underage users.

Cyberbullying refers to the use of the Internet, cell phones, or other […]

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