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A Mad Hatter of a Case

On February 25, 2018 By

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,

“To talk of many things:

Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —

Of cabbages — and a true David and Goliath of a lawsuit.” Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, Lewis Carroll’s 1871 sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is […]

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Misusing Mickey Mouse: The Fight Over Movie Download Codes

On February 13, 2018 By

In November, Walt Disney Co. sued Redbox in an attempt to stop the DVD rental company from selling digital copies of its movies. At the center of the suit are movie download codes that can be used to download a digital copy of a Disney movie and are included with a Blu-ray disc […]

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Disney Sued Over Frozen

On October 21, 2014 By

Isabella Tanikumi has filed a lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company claiming Disney’s Frozen is not an original work, but instead the storyline and characters were stolen from her memoirs.

For the few people in the world who have yet to be exposed to Frozen, it features the story of two princesses, Elsa and […]

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Sometimes, art imitating life yields some strange results. In 1981, (animated) newspaperman J. Jonah Jameson ran the headline, “threat or menace” when discussing the masked Spider-Man in New York City’s (fictitious) Daily Bugle. Today, such a headline would not seem out of place on recent covers of the New York Post.

Between “Spidey’s” […]

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No Hugs for a Friend

On February 24, 2014 By

Four years after audiences left the theater with damp handkerchiefs and thoughts of their favorite childhood toys, Disney is embroiled in a legal battle over the rights to the huggable villain who was set on thwarting Woody and Buzz’s return to their best friend Andy in Toy Story 3. New Jersey’s Diece-Lisa Industries (DLI), which holds […]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On May 20, 2013 By

Disney withdraws bid to trademark “Dia de los Muertos” in connection with an upcoming movie. It’s uncertain whether it could have succeeded in trademarking the phrase, but it probably could have trademarked a stylized logo incorporating it. Federal law enforcement agencies propose sweeping real-time wiretap overhaul. Several leading information security […]

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Trouble in the House of Mouse

On January 27, 2012 By

Plaintiff Kellie Rodriguez is suing the Walt Disney Company for sexual assault after she was allegedly spanked by a warm-up comedian for a Disney production.  The incident took place at a December 2011 taping of the Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie, a children’s show frequently watched by an anonymous member of […]

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In the recent Captain America movie, Captain America responds to Dr. Abraham Erskine’s question “Do you want to kill Nazis?” with “I don’t want to kill nobody. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.” But alas, Captain America was not available to save the day for his creator’s estate […]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On September 6, 2010 By

In the news…

Class-action plaintiffs claim Disney stiffed highly-paid financial analysts on overtime pay.

Laws governing sports agents under fire for repeated failure to enforce its provisions.

Facebook’s new location-based service “Places” gets mixed reviews from users regarding privacy implications.

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On August 30, 2010 By

In the news…

Question of federal government’s power to protect American families from profane television moves closer to Supreme Court as FCC appeals TV indecency ruling.

U.S. District Judge William Bertelsmen orders gossip blog to pay $11 million to professional cheerleader in defamation suit.

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