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Facebook dominated headlines last Friday when it formally suspended Cambridge Analytica, a British consulting firm known for its electoral data analysis and strategy implementation, from its site over allegations that it improperly received and retained tens of millions of Facebook user data from a researcher who had obtained the data legally through proper channels. While [...]

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Partisan bickering is nothing new in Washington. This time, however, the bickering may come at a price for free speech and election campaigning as it currently exists. Under current Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations, content published by individuals via blog or other free means is almost totally unregulated if it is available via the internet. [...]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On November 8, 2010 By JETLaw

In the news. . .

Rolling Stone dodges publicity rights lawsuit for placing famous pictures of artists on t-shirts and other merchandise.

Britain moves to revise intellectual property laws to conform to the Internet age.

Rock band, Creed, sues Yamaha Motor Corporation to stop exploitation of hit “Higher” in [...]

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Ever-Improving, But Losing the Right to Vote

On July 22, 2008 By JETLaw

In today’s society, most individuals believe that the right to vote is one of the most central and fundamental aspects of our democracy. The ability or inability of individuals to participate in the political process, in fact, presents the greatest strength or weakness of any democratic institution. In addition, since the eradication of literacy tests [...]

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