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The legal implications of self-driving cars are hard to ignore following the first death related to the emerging technology. After an Uber test drive where neither the autonomous vehicle nor the human driver slowed for an Arizonian pedestrian, the company halted testing in the state as well as in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and […]

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An irritating weakness of written agreements is that they are really just words on a page until someone sues to enforce them. Lawsuits are time consuming and expensive, and not every wronged party will be able to clear the legal hurdles of proof required to receive a remedy.

But smart contracts are not afflicted with […]

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The 2004 movie I, Robot features an Audi RSQ that drives itself among other autonomous vehicles in the year 2035. Leading actor Will Smith’s character constantly overrides the car’s autopilot feature in favor of his manual driving, particularly to the surprise of leading actress Bridget Moynahan’s character, who questions Smith, “What do you think you’re […]

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Emerging Tech Companies’ Independent Contractor Conundrum

On November 2, 2015 By

For emerging tech companies like Uber or Lyft and established behemoths like Amazon alike, maintaining their classification of a subset of their workers as independent contractors is crucial. Such classification allows these corporations to keep their costs down and limit their liabilities. For the former, in fact, their business model virtually depends on this arrangement.


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3D Printing. Are we ready?

On June 12, 2014 By

One of the most staggering innovations in the last few years is the creation and proliferation of 3D printing. From printing guns that can shoot to life saving organs, 3D printing has the ability to revolutionize the way business is done and […]

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