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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China today issued an order that all personal computers sold in China after July 1, 2009 must contain filtering software to prevent users from viewing “unhealthy” material on the Internet.

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Youngsters who plan on celebrating the beginning of summer vacation by mocking their teachers on MySpace or Facebook would be wise to think twice, or they might be suspended in August for their summer antics. Two middle school students in Pennsylvania were suspended in two separate incidents for creating fake profiles of […]

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Craigslist Prostitution Heyday is Over…Maybe

On May 17, 2009 By

Earlier this week, Craigslist announced plans to eliminate its erotic services category, creating a new “adult services” category in its place. This announcement came just a month after the killing of a masseuse who advertised on Craigslist.

Craigslist plans to pre-screen the ads that are posted to its new adult services […]

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Comic Book Collector Faces Obscenity Charges

On December 30, 2008 By

Christopher Hadley, a comic book collector, currently faces up to 20 years in prison for possession of manga. Hadley’s collection, which police inspected after he received a shipment of books from Japan that the postal inspector thought contained objectionable content, contained some materials that the government deems “obscene” under the PROTECT Act (18 U.S.C. […]

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By continually providing Chinese authorities with requested information, Yahoo!, Inc.’s involvement in China has led to the imprisonment of several Chinese democratic reform supporters over the years. Wang Xiaoning, a citizen and resident of China, experienced this state of affairs first hand when the Chinese government sentenced him to ten years in prison […]

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