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Earlier this month, presidential candidate Donald Trump received a cease and desist letter on behalf of Aerosmith frontman Stephen Tyler demanding that Trump stop using “Dream On” at campaign events. The letter sought to disclaim any political endorsement by Tyler, stating in part, “We are unaware of any public performance license granting Trump [...]

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This past week, University of Florida quarterback Will Grier was suspended for failing a routine drug test.   Per NCAA regulations, Grier was suspended for 365 days.  In addition, student-athletes who fail PED tests also lose one full year of eligibility.  Essentially, this means that Grier gets five years to play three.  Due to this [...]

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In February of this year, Smartflash LLC was awarded over $530 million in a judgment against Apple for willful patent infringement. The judge voided the award in July based on confusion surrounding his jury instructions which may have led to the jury miscalculate royalties. But this raises a bigger issue: in a world where new [...]

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#Hacked: Ashley Madison Fallout

On September 23, 2015 By nkalkines

A mere two months ago, in July of 2015, it was revealed that the dating website Ashley Madison had been hacked. The hackers referred to themselves as the “Impact Team,” and threatened to publish user information if the website was not shut down. In August, the hackers made good on their word and Continue Reading

Bachelor Nation: Citizenship Comes Without Rights

On September 17, 2015 By ngabrenya

Last week, millions of viewers watched as complete strangers, in whose lives the public has gotten totally invested, attended the “most dramatic rose ceremony in Bachelor history.” That’s right: The non-reality world of American Broadcasting Company’s long-standing sensation begins another winter hiatus as the public laments the end of Bachelor in Paradise and waits in [...]

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For those who anxiously await baseball season, opening day is a greeted as a pseudo holiday.  However, for players and teams opening day can be a stressful occasion when it comes to who makes and who does not make the major league roster, with prospects and veterans alike often getting sent down to the minors. [...]

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The NCAA and Academic Integrity

On April 9, 2015 By Rebecca Loegering

In October, the University of North Carolina released an internal report detailing widespread academic fraud. The report, however, was not the end of trouble for UNC, or for the NCAA. In January of this year, two former UNC student athletes filed suit against both UNC and the NCAA related to the academic fraud.

The [...]

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Recently, the soap opera The Young and the Restless has been in the spotlight for drama that has unfolded off camera. That drama has manifested itself as a legal battle between Sony Pictures Television, Bell Dramatic Serial Company, Bell Philip Television Production Inc., and CBS Corporation and Victoria Rowell, actress and fourteen-year veteran on [...]

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Who Rightfully Owns the Village People’s YMCA?

On February 23, 2015 By Victoria Roessler

The Village People are back in the spotlight, but not in costume this time. A trial has recently begun to determine the rightful songwriter behind twenty-four of the Village People’s biggest hits, including “YMCA” and “Macho Man.” In May 2012, Victor Willis, the original Village People singer-songwriter (or for those of your familiar with [...]

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San Jose Strikes Out Again in Suit Against MLB

On January 22, 2015 By Andrea Scheder

The city of San Jose lost its appeal in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday. They were challenging Major League Baseball’s (MLB) long-held exception to federal antitrust laws. The Oakland Athletics are looking to make a location move and had their sights set on San Jose. However, the MLB’s constitution requires clubs [...]

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