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The NBA season may be over, but the action is just heating up in one New York court.  On Thursday, Tony Parker, a veteran point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, filed this lawsuit in the Supreme Court of New York  in New York County, a [...]

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Monday Morning JETLawg

On June 18, 2012 By JETLaw

Popular webcomic ‘The Oatmeal’ gets sued for $20,000 for copyright infringement. It decides to raise the money via donations, and then donate it to charity instead. Currently, it’s raised more than $150,000. Daniel Moore wins trademark infringement suit, doesn’t have to pay for paintings that depict college athletic jerseys. Amazon Continue Reading

UK court is Third Billy Goat Gruff

On June 11, 2012 By Samara Pals

Internet trolls use the anonymity of the Internet to inflame emotions, tarnish reputations and possibly damage careers. In Internet slang, troll refers to someone who participates in a range of actions from attacking total strangers and celebrities to bullying.  Recently trolls received worldwide attention for their attacks on Nicola Brookes and [...]

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The children of Ray Charles did not inherit the rights and interests to his musical compositions; rather, these intellectual property rights were given to The Ray Charles Foundation.  The Ray Charles Foundation, created in 1986, by the renowned singer-songwriter, is a non-profit organization that provides funding to [...]

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Every attorney hopes for a sympathetic client . . . and this was one of those cases.  A man donated half a million dollars to a local hospital to name a women’s center in honor of his mother who died of cancer, but the hospital never built the women’s center.  Oh, and did I [...]

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Hey 90′s Music, We Need to Talk…

On February 8, 2012 By Joanna Collins

My iTunes collection is a petri dish of impulse purchases that I have grown to regret – this past December, for example, I decided that I just had to have a “finals week playlist” consisting entirely of Savage Garden and Celine Dion songs.  I hit repeat on that playlist more times than I care [...]

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Parodied or Not Parodied: That is the Question

On November 2, 2011 By Erin Reimer

During the rise of websites like YouTube and Tumblr, there was constant discussion regarding the liability for posting unauthorized copies of things like music videos and television shows.  Having already established that the individual who posted the video is clearly infringing copyright, the question turned to the liability of the intermediary that provided the venue [...]

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Citigroup kissed a girl and doesn’t like it

On October 22, 2011 By Samara Pals

What do Katy Perry, the Beatles, and Willie Nelson have in common? They are all currently for sale as Citigroup attempts to unload big-four music giant EMI. Less than six months ago, competitor Warner Music Group sold for over 3 billion dollars, after receiving 20 bids, inspiring hope in the struggling traditional [...]

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As privacy on Facebook takes the headlines once again, music matchmaking service Pandora is being prodded over its privacy policies, too.  Although this class action case involves violations of Michigan statutes, federal law is also relevant to the broader [...]

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Just over two months ago, Swedish streaming music sensation Spotify opened its service to listeners in the United States. Commentators announced that “the future of music,” including unlimited access to “a huge chunk of the world’s recorded music library,” had finally become a reality.  Being a music/technology geek, and being ever-curious [...]

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