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After a series of cases holding software patents invalid in the wake of Alice v. CLS, the Federal Circuit, in DDR Holdings v., encountered a set of software patents that it held to meet subject matter eligibility requirements. The patents in question were directed toward both systems and methods of generating composite […]

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The Supreme Court could have another opportunity to review an IP case decided by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Last week Google filed a petition for certiorari seeking to overturn the Federal Circuit’s decision in Oracle America v. Google, which found […]

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Google Files Patent Application for Brokering

On June 4, 2014 By

“Google it” has become a familiar refrain for any Millennial tasked with answering a question.  The technology giant has redefined the way we obtain and process information.  Not surprisingly, the company’s intellectual property portfolio is quite valuable.  Google is continuing to add to that portfolio, seeking a patent on […]

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Software Patents at the Supreme Court

On March 30, 2014 By

Is software patentable? This simple question, despite over 40 years of judicial wrestling, remains unanswered. Many in the business world are hostile to software patents. After all, much of the vibrant software startup culture seems to operate just fine in an atmosphere of uncertainty. For example, just last month, Facebook acquired software startup […]

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Supreme Court Grants Cert in Bilski Case

On June 5, 2009 By

With the hype surrounding President Barack Obama’s first Supreme Court nomination reaching a fever pitch, it may be time to step back from confirmation politics and consider an actual case that the would-be nominee will face next fall. Intellectual property law may not have the mainstream appeal of sexy constitutional law topics like gay marriage […]

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