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On September 30th, eBay announced that it will adopt a new business strategy—break up the company by spinning off PayPal.  This comes six months after one of eBay’s investors, Carl Icahn, first suggested this strategic move.  After the breakup is complete, PayPal will be a separate publicly traded company, free to [...]

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He’s Back!

On March 14, 2014 By Richard Saunders

It appears no one is safe from Carl Icahn, not even Silicon Valley.

The infamous activist investor is at it again, and this time eBay is the object of his disaffection.  In what has become a very public battle over recent weeks, Icahn has described eBay’s Chief Executive, John Donahoe, as [...]

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On Monday, WikiLeaks announced that it will suspend publication while it raises funds and fights a blockade by financial institutions that has been forcing the non-profit into financial instability for nearly a year. After WikiLeaks published U.S. Cable Leaks in late November 2010, a series of financial institutions refused to continue conducting business with [...]

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