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When entering the job market, we have all heard the familiar phrase, “Be careful what you put on Facebook!” It should go without saying that when you learn information sealed under a confidentiality agreement, you should “be careful what you put on Facebook!” Recently, a (now) famous violator of this idiom, Ms. Dana [...]

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As the world is realizing, and as a top-grossing movie recently highlighted, Facebook is an Internet giant. With over half a billion users and advertising revenue figures that reach the billions, it is a powerhouse that other sites want to emulate. . .or at least mock. In response to Facebook’s growing popularity, Lamebook [...]

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Jurors Oversharing on Facebook

On September 2, 2010 By Lauren Gregory

When twenty year-old Michigan resident Hadley Jons logged onto Facebook a during a break from jury duty and saw the familiar “What’s on your mind?” prompt, she didn’t hesitate to answer: “[A]ctually excited for jury duty tomorrow,” she wrote on August 11. “It’s gonna be fun to tell the defendant they’re GUILTY.”

Now Jons is [...]

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