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If a social media influencer gets paid to post an advertisement but doesn’t disclose it, is it really an advertisement?

The Federal Trade Commission would answer this question unequivocally yes.

In April of this year, the FTC sent out more than 90 letters to social media influencers in response to their Instagram posts that [...]

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With the advent of digital music and streaming platforms, recording artists must think outside the box to make a living. With free streaming services taking the lead in how young listeners (legally) consume music, artists have watched their income from music sales shrink substantially. While an artist can see a whole $8 in revenue from [...]

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Last November, tour promotion company Live Nation initiated a $5.35 million breach of contract suit against former chairman Michael Cohl. Now, Cohl is fighting back, alleging in a countersuit that Live Nation breached that contract by interfering with Cohl’s opportunity to secure promotional rights to the Rolling Stones 2011 tour.

Cohl left Live [...]

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