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Can’t Touch This

On February 9, 2011 By Rachel Purcell

Law school has all but ruined my love for the prime-time law drama. No one ever follows the rules. Not only do these shows run fast and loose with the law, but they take great liberties with forensic science. Detectives solve complicated, outrageous crimes quickly and neatly, usually after some geek in a lab coat [...]

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While he awaits sentencing, a convicted pornographer continues blogging from his jail cell. Convicted two years ago on charges stemming from distribution of child pornography, he faces up to fifteen years in jail. He posts to as often as he can, via phone calls to friends and relatives who transcribe his words [...]

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An American grand jury indicted a German and a Briton last Thursday, beginning the first American prosecution of hackers for distributed denial-of-service attacks. Axel Gembe and Lee Graham Walker are accused of intentionally damaging a computer system and conspiracy, charges that could lead to fifteen years in prison.

A distributed denial-of-service, or [...]

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