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Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Human Trafficking

On October 21, 2018 By

As the Major League Baseball playoffs heat up on the field, there is increased attention being paid to a darker side of the sport. In its latest issue, Sports Illustrated published an explosive account of a Department of Justice investigation into the shady deals that allow clubs to recruit and sign international players, […]

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Less than a year after fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander was convicted of multiple counts of rape and sexual assault against aspiring models, former beauty queen Claire Robinson has filed a class action lawsuit against a top talent agency, alleging sexual battery and other offenses. Robinson, a former Miss British […]

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RIAA Backs Off from Suing Individuals…But Why?

On December 24, 2008 By

Just in time for the holidays, the Recording Industry Association of America announced it will cease filing new lawsuits against individuals it suspects of downloading and redistributing music.

While the RIAA says it will continue with lawsuits already filed, new ones have not been filed since August. This move comes after 5 […]

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