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For more than sixty years, celebrities have used their right of publicity to prevent others from making unauthorized commercial uses of their personas, most commonly in the form of a celebrity’s portrait, photograph or signature. Despite its importance to celebrities seeking to tightly control the appropriation of their likeness, the right of publicity occupies [...]

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Warlocks and The Right of Publicity

On March 29, 2011 By Anne Goodwyn

“We’re going to shoot one Polaroid per show. I’m going to sign this before it even develops because I know that once it develops with my signature on it, it’s worth a fortune. I’ll make this a work of magic warlock art.” -Charlie Sheen

Entrepreneurs are capitalizing on Charlie Sheen’s speeches, which have fascinated the [...]

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When does a television program cease to be a documentary, and instead become an infomercial hawking a product? This question will likely be posed to a jury following the recent Third Circuit opinion in the case of Facenda v. N.F.L. Films, Inc. On September 9, 2008, the Third Circuit unanimously ruled [...]

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