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A Scandal in the Public Domain

On November 11, 2014 By

Case closed, or so it appears, as the Supreme Court refused to grant cert to the Seventh Circuit’s holding that classic characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are in the public domain.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published his first Sherlock Holmes story in 1886. Fans loved the character so much, the author couldn’t even […]

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In the upcoming October term, the Supreme Court will weigh in on the issue of whether police may use GPS tracking devices to watch over the movements of suspected criminals without first obtaining a warrant, or whether such activity violates an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights.  Currently, the Seventh and […]

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On the field, “NFL football” and “cutthroat competition” are virtually indistinguishable phrases. However, off the field, in the realm of NFL paraphernalia, Reebok was the sole “team” possessing a monopoly in the market. In 2000, the NFL signed a ten-year licensing agreement that gave Reebok the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell jerseys, hats, […]

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