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If you are a political junkie, work the night shift, or otherwise found the time to watch last week’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, you were treated to a proceeding that had it all: political grandstanding, talking points, comedy, and very little substantive discussion of actual legal issues. What was not missing, however, […]

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Supreme Court Grants Cert in Bilski Case

On June 5, 2009 By

With the hype surrounding President Barack Obama’s first Supreme Court nomination reaching a fever pitch, it may be time to step back from confirmation politics and consider an actual case that the would-be nominee will face next fall. Intellectual property law may not have the mainstream appeal of sexy constitutional law topics like gay marriage […]

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Much ado has been made already about Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s qualifications and experiences, but little attention has been paid to one of the more unique elements of her legal background: as Wired points out, Judge Sotomayor will become the first justice to have decided cyberlaw cases prior to joining the Court.


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