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FCC No Longer to Blackout Sporting Events

On October 27, 2014 By

For years, professional sports and blackouts have gone hand-in-hand. No, not those blackouts; broadcast blackouts of games that failed to sell out. But the times, they are a changin’.

In November of last year, the JETLaw Blog reported that the FCC was reviewing its policy on blackouts. Most sports blackouts are […]

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Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and the English Premier League is its most popular professional league. This includes the United States, where the league’s television broadcast ratings doubled from 2012 to 2013, and have now surpassed those of the US’s own Major League Soccer.


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Most people would agree that when it comes to watching football, more is better. But is more always legal? With the rise of pay-per-view television in the 1980s, enthusiastic fans have been willing to pay a premium to watch their favorite teams engage in normally untelevised action or view other notable sports events […]

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