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With more and more police departments purchasing body cameras and adopting policies that officers wear these cameras at all times when on duty, one is left wondering what will the effects on the criminal justice system be?

Departments that have implemented the use of body cameras have achieved staggering results.  The police department in [...]

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Shreveport Film Incentives: Tasering the Stars?

On July 28, 2008 By JETLaw

Last week, actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright, who had just finished filming a movie in Shreveport, Louisiana, were arrested outside a Shreveport bar for allegedly interfering with the arrest of one of the film’s crew members. A fight had taken place outside the bar, although Brolin and Wright were not involved. The [...]

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The Taser has become a ubiquitous technology used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the country. Law enforcement officials in New York City are currently considering whether to provide Tasers to city police officers on a wide scale. New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly has cautiously approached the decision, but says plans [...]

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