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In a case of first impression, the Tennessee Middle District Court recently confronted the issue of racial discrimination in reality television.  Plaintiffs Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson—two African American men who were denied the opportunity to be cast as The Bachelor in ABC’s reality-based dating show of the same name—filed […]

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Texting is the New Drinking

On August 30, 2009 By

“Sir, have you been texting this evening?”

You might want to practice your response to this question, especially if you live in Utah. Following the growing trend, Utah recently passed its own legislative ban on texting while driving. The fact that Utah passed such a law is not surprising–similar statutes exist in at […]

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Erin Brockovich 2: Justice in the Valley

On January 11, 2009 By

Three days before Christmas, coal-ash retention pond located in East Tennessee collapsed, spilling millions of gallons of toxic sludge onto 300 acres of land covering local homes and businesses in the area, as well as the nearby Emory River. The pond was maintained by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) as […]

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