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Apple Unsuccessful in Locking Down Unlock Feature

On September 11, 2015 By Jackson Sattell

I had never really thought about how I unlock my phone until today. And, now that I think about it, I’ve had to learn a bunch of different ways to do it in the last ten years or so: hitting the “Talk” button, sliding a keyboard out, unhinging the screen from the buttons, etc. While [...]

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Tesla Motors sells high-end zero-emission electric vehicles.  They’re currently pretty trendy.  Elite tech guys, or tech guys who want to be seen as elite, like to buy them.  But Tesla routinely runs into problems selling their cars to such customers because of archaic dealership protection laws.  Recently, the New Jersey Assembly  Continue Reading

Monday Morning JETLawg

On February 17, 2014 By Bradlee Edmondson


Surveillance & Censorship:

The Washington Post reports that documents leaked by Edward Snowden show that the NSA received intelligence from Australia’s signals intelligence division on Chicago-based law firm Mayer Brown in relation to the firm’s representation of the Indonesian government in a trade dispute. In response, Indonesia’s foreign minister Continue Reading