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A Mad Hatter of a Case

On February 25, 2018 By

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,

“To talk of many things:

Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —

Of cabbages — and a true David and Goliath of a lawsuit.” Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, Lewis Carroll’s 1871 sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is […]

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Make Wine, Not War—San Antonio Winery v. Lara Vineyard

On February 18, 2016 By

Lara Vineyard, a vineyard located in San Antonio, Texas, is currently feeling the [grapes of] wrath from San Antonio Winery, a vineyard located in Los Angeles, California. On January 19, 2016, San Antonio Winery filed a trademark-infringement suit against Lara Vineyard for its use of the words “San Antonio” on the label of […]

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With the prevalence of over-sharing on social media, it is inevitable that some would find posts crude or offensive.   While most will simply ignore or block those posts they find offensive, recently a new social media platform in Brazil has taken advantage of large swaths of individuals who find the content on Facebook to be […]

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When it comes to marketing, branding is important. A clever brand name can become ubiquitous and help a company soar to popularity. The drawback is that such brands are at risk of being genericized. When this happens, what was once a brand name is now a generic term used as a […]

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Dumb Starbucks: A Smart Move, or Blatant Infringement?

On February 14, 2014 By

Judging by the amount of media attention directed at Dumb Starbucks over the past few says, it is clear that comedian Nathan Fielder accomplished his main goal–getting noticed. No matter that the store was closed by the Los Angeles County Health Department on Monday, February 10. Fielder hosts a Comedy Central show called “Nathan for […]

Continue Reading Begins Saga of Crushing “Candy”

On January 30, 2014 By

As our blog’s fearless leader, Brad Edmondson, pointed out in this week’s Monday Morning JETLawg [you’re too kind! –ed.],, the developers of such viral games as Candy Crush Saga, applied for a trademark for “Candy” in relation to a wide variety of goods and services. The game developer applied […]

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How many of you readers have been to a horse race, college football tailgate, fraternity formal, bachelor party, or just enjoy bourbon? If so, you probably fondly remember the ritual of breaking the red wax seal on a fresh bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, renowned for its smooth, sweet taste. Maker’s Mark likes its […]

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Electronic Arts’ Preemptive Strike

On March 2, 2012 By

Electronic Arts, Inc. (“EA”), the premier video game developer and publisher, is going on the offensive.  Its latest hit, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, was a phenomenal success, selling 8 million copies in the first month of its release.  EA wants to enjoy the hefty profits being produced and make sure that […]

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Viacom, Time Warner Cable Fight Over iPad App

On April 12, 2011 By

Would you like to watch live television on your iPad? Time Warner Cable thinks it’s a great idea. Viacom isn’t quite as happy.

With the rising success of Netflix and Hulu (not to mention Google TV), the television is no longer the only way viewers catch up on episodes of their favorite shows.  Cable […]

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Raising the Stakes in The War Against Online Piracy

On December 2, 2010 By

Several days ago, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to approve the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA), a bill that would allow the Justice Department to use an expedited process to shut down websites that primarily provide access to counterfeit goods or copyrighted material […]

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