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As the Fourth of July and Father’s Day (you are welcome for the reminder) quickly approach, and wedding season kicks into high gear, Americans will be doing a great deal of traveling in the coming months. And, for those of you traveling and unaware of the recent ABC News report on the Transportation Security [...]

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Now that Thanksgiving has passed and with it (to some extent) the controversy over the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) full-body scan/pat-down security procedures at airports, a similar controversy looks to be heating up in a different venue. Two courthouses in Colorado–the Douglas County Courthouse in Castle Rock, CO and the El Paso County Judicial Center [...]

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Monday Morning JetLawg

On January 11, 2010 By JETLaw

In the news . . .

New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees weighs in on the Supreme Court’s upcoming hearing in American Needle v. NFL.

NBA Commissioner David Stern hands down indefinite suspension for the Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas amidst gun investigation. Meanwhile, one University of Tennessee player involved in drug and firearms [...]

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