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The legal implications of self-driving cars are hard to ignore following the first death related to the emerging technology. After an Uber test drive where neither the autonomous vehicle nor the human driver slowed for an Arizonian pedestrian, the company halted testing in the state as well as in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and […]

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Reeling in Uber and Lyft and its Potential Effects

On March 16, 2016 By

The Seattle City Council recently passed a law that allows for-hire drivers (that are classified as independent contractors by Uber and Lyft) to form unions. This ordinance ended up triggering the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber”) to file a lawsuit against the city of Seattle because of the potential effects it could have […]

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Emerging Tech Companies’ Independent Contractor Conundrum

On November 2, 2015 By

For emerging tech companies like Uber or Lyft and established behemoths like Amazon alike, maintaining their classification of a subset of their workers as independent contractors is crucial. Such classification allows these corporations to keep their costs down and limit their liabilities. For the former, in fact, their business model virtually depends on this arrangement.


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When Convenience Isn’t Worth It

On March 27, 2015 By

Technological innovation over the last decade can be summed up in one word: convenience. In a world where over half of American adults own smartphones it makes sense that companies have begun targeting these devices with their new innovations. Innovation, in today’s world, takes the form of solving problems by increasing efficiency through greater […]

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Congress took another step this week in ensuring that we all have safe rides home on Saturday nights. A group of Congressional Democrats penned a letter to the CEOs of Uber, Sidecar, and Lyft demanding that the companies require their drivers to undergo more thorough background checks. This letter comes in the wake of […]

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The Uber Halloween Story: Price Gouging or Harmless Trick?

On November 10, 2014 By

Uber’s use of surge pricing came under fire again last week when one Halloween reveler took an Uber Black (the company’s higher end option) to get a 20-minute ride home for a grand total of $362.57. When she ordered the ride, she agreed to pay “9x” the usual fare […]

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Cab companies, normally at odds with each other, are banning together to combat Uber.

Uber, a ride-sharing company recently valued at $18 billion, came onto the scene in San Francisco in 2009. Five years later, the company is operating in over seventy cities worldwide. Uber is disrupting the current taxicab market with its use […]

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Uber: Staggering Value and Legal Headache

On June 9, 2014 By

Mobile-based ride-sharing service Uber created quite a stir this weekend, setting a new valuation record for a technology startup in a direct investment round. Injecting $1.2 billion into the San Francisco-based service, investors valued Uber at $17 billion, a dramatic increase from last year’s valuation of $3.5 billion. An […]

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