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Andy Roddick et al. Push for Tennis Players’ Union

On September 14, 2011 By Andrew Ralls

A new season of NCAA and NFL football are finally here to provide relief from the never-ending monotony of Major League Baseball!

In addition to an opening Saturday full of dramatic college football finishes, the weekend offered a memorable end to the professional tennis season. First, the men’s semifinal gave viewers a classic five-set [...]

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At the onset of the current NFL lockout, I am rooting for the players. The details of the lockout make the NFL players look like oppressed blue-collar workers, and makes the NFL owners look like Uncle Scrooge. But I am worried.

In anticipation of the lockout, the National [...]

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Although the MLB season ended almost a month ago, and many fans have since directed their full attention to other professional and college sports, for me, the offseason is where the magic happens. Since my Philadelphia Phillies fell just short of glory, I have been recurringly checking for a holiday miracle signing at third base. [...]

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