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Anonymous Yelp-ers Face a New Challenge

On January 20, 2014 By

Since Yelp launched in 2004, thousands of unhappy customers have aired their grievances there anonymously. However, Hadeed Carpet Cleaning of Alexandria, Virginia pushed back, bringing a defamation suit against several of its negative reviewers and claiming that their Yelp submissions were completely fabricated. The company is arguing the reviewers were not actual customers, and has […]

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The 4th Circuit ruled last week that a Virginia woman could continue to publish government officials’ Social Security numbers online as part of her crusade against government violations of privacy on the internet.

Betty “B.J.” Ostergen, an information privacy advocate, has been posting government employees’ personal data, including SSNs, on her website […]

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

On October 24, 2008 By

The answer: the Virginia legislature did, that’s who.

Landowners, many of them hunters, actually, say the time has come for Virginia to do away with its unique, decades-old “right-to-retrieve” law, which allows hunters to go on privately owned property to retrieve their dogs. Under the law, hunters are allowed to enter without permission […]

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